Broken Star Productions is owned and operated by Dylan Langille.
Born and raised in rural, Nova Scotia, currently residing in Truro. Dylan attended NSCC and graduated from both Graphic & Print Production and Graphic Design with honours. His passion is logo design but is well versed in all facets of design.
Videography is a self-taught hobby that turned into successful division of Broken Star Productions. With over 20 wedding videos complete, capturing your special day is a fine-tuned craft.
The story behind the brand.
It started as a doodle in a sixth grade math class. While lessons of algebra should have been jotted down, a page full of incomplete stars filled the scribbler. It wasn't clear what this new identity would evolve into, but that's what made it so special, it could be anything.
The vision for Broken Star Productions is to offer a wide variety of custom products and services, and to utilize its production to leave the world a better place than what it was. A large task for a tiny company run by one guy with a computer and a couple cameras, but all ideas start somewhere, this one started in a scribbler.
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